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Today's Full Schedule Today Displaying Current & Upcoming Shows Only.
06:05AM Sufiyana Kalam-E-Mausiqui Playing Now
06:30AM Khak-E-Hind
07:00AM Ruh-E-Tasavvuf
07:30AM Junoon-E-Ghazal
08:00AM Khabrein
08:05AM Andaz Shairana
08:30AM Jahan-E-Khusrau
09:00AM A Question of Science
09:30AM Yeh Ilm-O-Adab Ke Gehware
10:00AM Khabarnama
10:30AM Doctor Ki Aamad Se Pehle
11:00AM Khabrein
11:05AM Andaz Shairana
11:30AM Mumtaz Mahal
12:00PM Afshan
12:30PM Meri Rooh Mein Basa Hai Tu
01:00PM Khabrein
01:05PM Gulzar-E-Naseem
01:30PM Mubahisa
02:00PM Vaada
02:50PM Filler
03:00PM Khabrein
03:05PM Dil Jo Keh Na Saka
03:55PM Filler
04:00PM Mukalma
04:30PM A Question of Science
05:00PM Yeh Ilm-O-Adab Ke Gehware
05:30PM Insaaf Ka Darwaza
06:00PM Khabrein
06:30PM Cinema is Hafte
07:00PM Mumtaz Mahal
07:30PM Khabrein
07:35PM Afshan
08:00PM Meri Rooh Mein Basa Hai Tu
08:30PM Gulzar-E-Naseem
09:00PM Imroz
09:30PM Rubaru
10:00PM Mumtaz Mahal
10:30PM Afshan
11:00PM Meri Rooh Mein Basa Hai Tu
11:30PM Gulzar-E-Naseem
Tomorrow's Full Schedule Tomorrow
12:00AM Khabrein
12:05AM Rubaru
12:30AM Vaada
01:20AM Filler
01:30AM Dil Jo Keh Na Saka
02:20AM Filler
02:30AM Mukalma
03:00AM Sufiyana Kalam-E-Mausiqui
03:30AM Khak-E-Hind
04:00AM Ruh-E-Tasavvuf
04:30AM Junoon-E-Ghazal
05:00AM Jahan-E-Khusrau
05:30AM Yeh Ilm-O-Adab Ke Gehware
06:00AM Khabrein
06:05AM Sufiyana Kalam-E-Mausiqui

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