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Channel [V]

[V] D3 Dil Dosti Dance

Show Type: TV Series
Language: Hindi
Genre: Dance, Drama


    Show description

    We all have dreams and aspirations. But not all dreams become reality and not all aspirations change destiny. And the road is filled with hurdles. Meet Kria ; her dreams and aspirations begin and end with DANCE. Follow her journey as she stumbles, topples and tries to overcome the hurdles that stand in her way.

    Show Details

    Kunwar Amarjeet Singh, Vrushika Mehta, Shantanu Maheshwari, Jason Tham, Sumedh Mudgalkar, Anusua Chowdhury, Pratibha Paul, Macedon D'mello, Samentha Fernandes
    Directed By
    Vikram Labhe, Aniruddha Rajderkar, Rajeev, Sahil
    Produced By
    Prem Kishan, Sunil Mehta
    Music By
    Lenin Nandi, Hriju Roy
    Release Date
    11 April 2011

    Complete Schedule for [V] D3 Dil Dosti Dance

    Sat, Nov 01 05:30AM
    Sat, Nov 01 08:30AM
    Sat, Nov 01 12:00PM
    Sun, Nov 02 02:00PM Best Of
    Sun, Nov 02 03:00PM
    Sun, Nov 02 08:00PM Best Of
    Sun, Nov 02 09:00PM
    Mon, Nov 03 05:30AM
    Mon, Nov 03 08:00AM Best Of
    Mon, Nov 03 12:00PM
    Mon, Nov 03 07:00PM
    Mon, Nov 03 10:00PM
    Tue, Nov 04 05:30AM
    Tue, Nov 04 08:30AM
    Tue, Nov 04 09:30AM
    Tue, Nov 04 12:00PM
    Tue, Nov 04 07:00PM
    Tue, Nov 04 10:00PM
    Wed, Nov 05 05:30AM
    Wed, Nov 05 08:30AM
    Wed, Nov 05 12:00PM
    Wed, Nov 05 07:00PM
    Wed, Nov 05 10:00PM
    Thu, Nov 06 05:30AM
    Thu, Nov 06 08:30AM
    Thu, Nov 06 12:00PM
    Thu, Nov 06 07:00PM
    Thu, Nov 06 10:00PM
    Fri, Nov 07 05:30AM
    Fri, Nov 07 08:30AM
    Fri, Nov 07 12:00PM
    Fri, Nov 07 07:00PM
    Fri, Nov 07 10:00PM
    Sat, Nov 08 05:30AM
    Sat, Nov 08 08:30AM
    Sat, Nov 08 12:00PM
    Sat, Nov 08 02:00PM Best Of
    Sat, Nov 08 08:00PM Best Of
    Sat, Nov 08 10:00PM Best Of
    Sun, Nov 09 12:30AM
    Sun, Nov 09 08:00AM Best Of
    Sun, Nov 09 02:00PM Best Of
    Sun, Nov 09 03:00PM
    Sun, Nov 09 08:00PM Best Of
    Sun, Nov 09 09:00PM

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