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Life Ok

Alaxmi...Hamari Super Bahu

Show Type: TV Series
Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama


    Show description

    Alaxmi – Hamari Super Bahu' is the story of a girl Laxmi who is rechristened as Alaxmi by the villagers, for she is a walking-talking riot, destructive and absolutely ludicrous in her way of life. She means well, but brings in bad news and somehow her antics disrupt all harmony in the village. These bizarre antics of Alaxmi are the perfect antidote to the bickering Kapadia family where she is married off to turn the house of six sons and daughter-in-laws into a peace-loving home! Catch 'Alaxmi – Hamari Super Bahu'

    Show Details

    Hally Shah, Sujay Reu, Mehendi Jain, Roshni Parekh, Raman Kumar, Supriya Pathak
    Directed By
    Ashish Khurana, Divyesh Pathak
    Written By
    Shilpa Choube, Susheel Choube, Mamta Kashyap, Rajat Vyas
    Jamnadas Majethia, Aatish Kapadia

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