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Life Ok

Amrit Manthan

Show Type: TV Series
Language: Hindi
Genre: Family, Drama


    Show description

    A unique story of "sibling rivalry" in the shadow of a dwindling dynasty'. What happens when excessive pride and greed seeps into relationships? When lacklustre walls of fake glory and glitter come crumbling down?. The importance of a strong value system and families ties against riches and social status. Amrit Manthan is a royal drama set in Punjab and is based on the story of two sisters, Amrit and Nimrit, who regress from being best friends to the worst of enemies. This animosity that is sparked by a dwindling dynasty, a fa├žade of royal wealth and excessive pride and greed. This is the story between two sisters a huge contrast to the usual "bonding" that has formed the crux of many stories how excessive pride and greed leads to ruined relationships.

    Show Details

    Adaaa Khan, Dimple Jhangiani
    Directed By
    Rajan Shahi
    Written By
    Sonali Jaffar, Gaurav Sharma
    Produced By
    Rajan Shahi

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