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Gemini Tv

Bol Baby Bol

Show Type: Reality
Language: Telugu
Genre: Game Show

    Show description

    Bol Baby bol is purely based on "Guess the tune" concept. It is more like GUESS, SING & WIN. The accumulation of cash prized to 50 lakhs and who are the 2 singers sharing that 50,00,000/- and takes it home gives the nail baiting finish to the series. All the participants being kids and their quickness in guessing gives a kick to the viewers. Viewers simultaneously trying to guess the tune will be making it a complete family viewing show. Bo Baby Bol has two groups of 10 kids. Out of 10, five are boys and five are girls. The show also has 4 celebrity singers. 2 male and 2 female. Every episode starts with celebrity singers singing a tune. Both the groups have buzzer with them and they press the buzzer immediately after they identify the song. The team that presses the buzzer gets the opportunity.

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