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Star Pravah


Show Type: TV Series
Language: Marathi


    Show description

    Devyani is from Kolhapur and has been brought up with Maharashtrian middle class values. She swears by the principles set by her father, a professor and her grandmother. Being an ideal candidate for marriage, like any other girl suitable for a good match, Devyani's marriage has been fixed with Dr. Namit. Both Devyani and Namit have started developing fondness for each other. It is during those days leading to her engagement that Devyani discovers that Sangram, who belongs to an uncouth & powerful family, is obsessed. Sangram Vikhe-Patil is born in a powerful and completely uncivilized family of Vikhe-Patils. He has made a resolution to marry her. While following her around, he realises that Devyani is about to get engaged and he starts planning on how to stop the same. What happens when Devyani realises Sangram's intentions? Will Sangram be able to break off the engagement?

    Show Details

    Sangram Salvi, Shivani Surve, Nagesh Bhonsle, Sushrut Mankani, Saii Ranade Sane, Rajan Tamhane, Radhika Borgaonkar
    Directed By
    Avdhut Purohit
    Written By
    Vishal Watwani
    Anuj Saxena
    Produced By
    Maverick Production

    Complete Schedule for Devyani

    Sat, Nov 01 03:30AM
    Sat, Nov 01 06:00AM
    Sat, Nov 01 09:00AM
    Sat, Nov 01 01:00PM
    Sat, Nov 01 08:30PM
    Sun, Nov 02 12:00AM
    Sun, Nov 02 03:30AM
    Sun, Nov 02 06:00AM
    Mon, Nov 03 12:00AM
    Mon, Nov 03 03:30AM
    Mon, Nov 03 06:00AM
    Mon, Nov 03 09:00AM
    Mon, Nov 03 01:00PM
    Mon, Nov 03 08:30PM
    Tue, Nov 04 12:00AM
    Tue, Nov 04 03:30AM
    Tue, Nov 04 06:00AM
    Tue, Nov 04 09:00AM
    Tue, Nov 04 01:00PM
    Tue, Nov 04 08:30PM
    Wed, Nov 05 12:00AM
    Wed, Nov 05 03:30AM
    Wed, Nov 05 06:00AM
    Wed, Nov 05 09:00AM
    Wed, Nov 05 01:00PM
    Wed, Nov 05 08:30PM
    Thu, Nov 06 12:00AM
    Thu, Nov 06 03:30AM
    Thu, Nov 06 06:00AM
    Thu, Nov 06 09:00AM
    Thu, Nov 06 01:00PM
    Thu, Nov 06 08:30PM
    Fri, Nov 07 12:00AM
    Fri, Nov 07 03:30AM
    Fri, Nov 07 06:00AM
    Fri, Nov 07 09:00AM
    Fri, Nov 07 01:00PM
    Fri, Nov 07 08:30PM
    Sat, Nov 08 12:00AM
    Sat, Nov 08 03:30AM
    Sat, Nov 08 06:00AM
    Sat, Nov 08 09:00AM
    Sat, Nov 08 01:00PM
    Sat, Nov 08 08:30PM
    Sun, Nov 09 12:00AM
    Sun, Nov 09 03:30AM
    Sun, Nov 09 06:00AM

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