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Chutti TV

Gloria vin Veedu

Show Type: Kids
Language: Tamil
Genre: Animation/Cartoon

    Show description

    They are totally messy - but so what! Gloria's House is the messiest house in a street full of perfect homes - but it is a lot more fun than any of the other squeaky-clean places in Chillsville. There is Gloria Nit, a strong-willed, unconventional little girl who likes to do things her way - even though it's no one else's way. The rest of the family is a chaotic and messy bunch, but all good hearted. Life wouldn't be half as much fun if there weren't the Perfects, their neighbours, who are just the opposite: clean, well educated and with good manners.

    Complete Schedule for Gloria vin Veedu

    Mon, Nov 03 01:00PM
    Tue, Nov 04 01:00PM
    Wed, Nov 05 01:00PM
    Thu, Nov 06 01:00PM
    Fri, Nov 07 01:00PM

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