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Zee Marathi

Honar Soon Me Hya Gharchi

Show Type: TV Series
Language: Marathi
Genre: Drama


    Show description

    This is a story of a simple yet charismatic girl Janhavi who gets married into a home where she finds not one but six mothers-in-law's. Her husband Sreerang, dotes on each of these six women as they are his centre of being. It is then Janhavi's quest of winning over these very distinct women with her love and kindness. The show espouses the value that anyone can find happiness provided how they deal with the situation.

    Show Details

    Tejashree Pradhan, Shashank Ketkar, Rohini Hattangadi, Suhita Thatte, Supriya Pathare, Leena Bhagwat, Poornima Talwalkar, Smita Saravde
    Release Date
    15 July 2013

    Complete Schedule for Honar Soon Me Hya Gharchi

    Wed, Aug 20 08:00PM
    Wed, Aug 20 11:30PM
    Thu, Aug 21 02:00AM
    Thu, Aug 21 05:00AM
    Thu, Aug 21 10:30AM
    Thu, Aug 21 12:30PM
    Thu, Aug 21 03:00PM
    Thu, Aug 21 05:30PM
    Thu, Aug 21 08:00PM
    Thu, Aug 21 11:30PM
    Fri, Aug 22 02:00AM
    Fri, Aug 22 05:00AM
    Fri, Aug 22 10:30AM
    Fri, Aug 22 12:30PM
    Fri, Aug 22 03:00PM
    Fri, Aug 22 05:30PM
    Fri, Aug 22 08:00PM
    Fri, Aug 22 11:30PM
    Sat, Aug 23 02:00AM
    Sat, Aug 23 05:00AM
    Sat, Aug 23 06:30AM
    Sat, Aug 23 10:30AM
    Sat, Aug 23 12:30PM
    Sat, Aug 23 03:00PM
    Sat, Aug 23 05:30PM
    Sat, Aug 23 08:00PM
    Sat, Aug 23 11:30PM
    Sun, Aug 24 02:00AM
    Sun, Aug 24 05:00AM
    Sun, Aug 24 03:30PM
    Mon, Aug 25 05:00AM
    Mon, Aug 25 10:30AM
    Mon, Aug 25 12:30PM
    Mon, Aug 25 03:00PM
    Mon, Aug 25 05:30PM
    Mon, Aug 25 08:00PM
    Mon, Aug 25 11:30PM
    Tue, Aug 26 02:00AM
    Tue, Aug 26 05:00AM
    Tue, Aug 26 10:30AM
    Tue, Aug 26 12:30PM
    Tue, Aug 26 03:00PM
    Tue, Aug 26 05:30PM
    Tue, Aug 26 08:00PM
    Tue, Aug 26 11:30PM
    Wed, Aug 27 02:00AM
    Wed, Aug 27 05:00AM
    Wed, Aug 27 10:30AM
    Wed, Aug 27 12:30PM
    Wed, Aug 27 03:00PM
    Wed, Aug 27 05:30PM
    Wed, Aug 27 08:00PM
    Wed, Aug 27 11:30PM
    Thu, Aug 28 02:00AM
    Thu, Aug 28 05:00AM
    Thu, Aug 28 10:30AM
    Thu, Aug 28 12:30PM
    Thu, Aug 28 03:00PM
    Thu, Aug 28 05:30PM
    Thu, Aug 28 08:00PM
    Thu, Aug 28 11:30PM
    Fri, Aug 29 02:00AM
    Fri, Aug 29 05:00AM
    Fri, Aug 29 10:30AM
    Fri, Aug 29 12:30PM
    Fri, Aug 29 03:00PM
    Fri, Aug 29 05:30PM
    Fri, Aug 29 08:00PM
    Fri, Aug 29 11:30PM
    Sat, Aug 30 02:00AM
    Sat, Aug 30 05:00AM
    Sat, Aug 30 06:30AM
    Sat, Aug 30 10:30AM
    Sat, Aug 30 12:30PM
    Sat, Aug 30 03:00PM
    Sat, Aug 30 05:30PM
    Sat, Aug 30 08:00PM
    Sat, Aug 30 11:30PM
    Sun, Aug 31 02:00AM
    Sun, Aug 31 05:00AM
    Sun, Aug 31 06:30AM
    Sun, Aug 31 03:30PM

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