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Star Jalsha

Ishti Kutum

Show Type: TV Series
Language: Bengali
Genre: Drama

    Show description

    Archi, a journalist goes ona trip to a village to get information regarding a person who is being tracked by the police. Archi's has a girlfriend, Kamalika, with whom his marriage is due in a fews days time. In the village, Archi comes across a tribal girl called Baha. This meeting changes the course of, both, Archi and Baha's lives.

    Show Details

    Rishi Kaushik (as Archi), Ronitad

    Complete Schedule for Ishti Kutum

    Wed, Sep 03 06:30PM
    Wed, Sep 03 11:30PM
    Thu, Sep 04 02:30AM
    Thu, Sep 04 05:00AM
    Thu, Sep 04 10:30AM
    Thu, Sep 04 06:30PM
    Thu, Sep 04 11:30PM
    Fri, Sep 05 02:30AM
    Fri, Sep 05 05:00AM
    Fri, Sep 05 10:30AM
    Fri, Sep 05 06:30PM
    Fri, Sep 05 11:30PM
    Sat, Sep 06 02:30AM
    Sat, Sep 06 05:00AM
    Sat, Sep 06 10:30AM
    Sat, Sep 06 06:30PM
    Sat, Sep 06 11:30PM
    Sun, Sep 07 02:30AM
    Sun, Sep 07 06:00AM
    Mon, Sep 08 02:30AM
    Mon, Sep 08 05:00AM
    Mon, Sep 08 10:30AM
    Mon, Sep 08 06:30PM
    Mon, Sep 08 11:30PM
    Tue, Sep 09 02:30AM
    Tue, Sep 09 05:00AM
    Tue, Sep 09 10:30AM
    Tue, Sep 09 06:30PM
    Tue, Sep 09 11:30PM
    Wed, Sep 10 02:30AM
    Wed, Sep 10 05:00AM
    Wed, Sep 10 10:30AM
    Wed, Sep 10 06:30PM
    Wed, Sep 10 11:30PM
    Thu, Sep 11 02:30AM
    Thu, Sep 11 05:00AM
    Thu, Sep 11 10:30AM
    Thu, Sep 11 06:30PM
    Thu, Sep 11 11:30PM
    Fri, Sep 12 02:30AM
    Fri, Sep 12 05:00AM
    Fri, Sep 12 10:30AM
    Fri, Sep 12 06:30PM
    Fri, Sep 12 11:30PM
    Sat, Sep 13 02:30AM
    Sat, Sep 13 05:00AM
    Sat, Sep 13 10:30AM
    Sat, Sep 13 06:30PM
    Sat, Sep 13 11:30PM
    Sun, Sep 14 02:30AM
    Sun, Sep 14 06:00AM

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