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Kochu Tv

Jackie Chan

Show Type: Kids
Language: Malayalam
Genre: Animation/Cartoon, Action/Adventure

    Show description

    Follow the action as international icon Jackie chan becomes a cartoon hero. Accompanied by his 11 year old tomboy niece jade, Jackie travels the globe in pursuit of evil predators. The duo's first mission is to locate 12 magical talismans before the sinister dark hand can uncover them. Using his martial arts prowess and street smarts, Jackie sets out to unravel the mystery.

    Show Details

    Created By
    John Rogers
    Directed By
    David Hartman, Kalvin Lee, Jay Oliva, Kirk Van Wormer
    Written By
    Alexx Van Dyne, Duane Capizzi, Mark Seidenberg, Michael Jelenic
    Music By
    Jim Latham, Christopher Ward
    Release Date
    9 September 2000 (USA)
    IMDB Rating
    The masked luchador, El Toro Fuerte, prides himself at never removing his mask. Ironically enough, in every episode that has centered around El Toro, but not every episode in which he has appeared, El Toro loses/removes his mask. He also says "Sorry!" in every episode he has appeared in, excluding the finale.

    Complete Schedule for Jackie Chan

    Sun, Nov 23 07:30PM
    Mon, Nov 24 05:00AM
    Mon, Nov 24 08:30AM
    Mon, Nov 24 09:00PM
    Tue, Nov 25 02:00AM
    Tue, Nov 25 08:30AM
    Tue, Nov 25 09:00PM
    Wed, Nov 26 02:00AM
    Wed, Nov 26 08:30AM
    Wed, Nov 26 09:00PM
    Thu, Nov 27 02:00AM
    Thu, Nov 27 08:30AM
    Thu, Nov 27 09:00PM
    Fri, Nov 28 02:00AM
    Fri, Nov 28 08:30AM
    Fri, Nov 28 09:00PM
    Sat, Nov 29 02:00AM
    Sat, Nov 29 06:00PM

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