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Zee Marathi

Julun Yeti Reshimgathi

Show Type: TV Series
Language: Marathi
Genre: Romance, Drama


    Show description

    The story is about such a girl who is blessed with a loving & caring husband, and their bonding with each other to make a Happy a home.

    Show Details

    Prajakta Mali, Lalit Badane, Uday Tikekar,Girish Oak,Sukanya Kulkarni,Madhugandha Kulkarn, Durva Sawant, Lokesh Gupte, Sharmishtha Raut, Yogini Chouk, Vignesh Joshi
    Directed By
    Hemant Devdhar
    Written By
    Vivek Apte
    Essel vision productions,
    Release Date
    25th Nov 2013

    Complete Schedule for Julun Yeti Reshimgathi

    Sat, Aug 23 12:00PM
    Sat, Aug 23 03:30PM
    Sat, Aug 23 08:30PM
    Sun, Aug 24 04:00AM
    Sun, Aug 24 07:30AM
    Mon, Aug 25 07:30AM
    Mon, Aug 25 09:30AM
    Mon, Aug 25 12:00PM
    Mon, Aug 25 03:30PM
    Mon, Aug 25 08:30PM
    Tue, Aug 26 07:30AM
    Tue, Aug 26 09:30AM
    Tue, Aug 26 12:00PM
    Tue, Aug 26 03:30PM
    Tue, Aug 26 08:30PM
    Wed, Aug 27 04:00AM
    Wed, Aug 27 07:30AM
    Wed, Aug 27 09:30AM
    Wed, Aug 27 12:00PM
    Wed, Aug 27 03:30PM
    Wed, Aug 27 08:30PM
    Thu, Aug 28 04:00AM
    Thu, Aug 28 07:30AM
    Thu, Aug 28 09:30AM
    Thu, Aug 28 12:00PM
    Thu, Aug 28 03:30PM
    Thu, Aug 28 08:30PM
    Fri, Aug 29 04:00AM
    Fri, Aug 29 07:30AM
    Fri, Aug 29 09:30AM
    Fri, Aug 29 12:00PM
    Fri, Aug 29 03:30PM
    Fri, Aug 29 08:30PM
    Sat, Aug 30 04:00AM
    Sat, Aug 30 07:30AM
    Sat, Aug 30 09:30AM
    Sat, Aug 30 12:00PM
    Sat, Aug 30 03:30PM
    Sat, Aug 30 08:30PM
    Sun, Aug 31 04:00AM
    Sun, Aug 31 07:30AM

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