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Zee Cafe

Just for Laughs

Show Type: Entertainment
Language: English
Genre: Comedy

    Show description

    Just for Laughs is a hidden camera comedy show that has been hugely popular in several countries. With a mix of practical jokes, hidden cameras, and the responses of several unsuspecting victims, Just For Laughs delivers audiences a weekly dose of humor for all ages. Gags include a jogger running into a pole; people being pulled over by officers in their underwear; people sitting on a freshly painted bench; and pedestrians walking into invisible objects and all other things crazy.

    Show Details

    Hosted By
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Narrated By
    Debra DiGiovanni
    Directed By
    Shelagh O'Brien
    Release Date
    28 September 2009 (Canada)
    Written By
    Louis C.K., Jim Gaffigan
    Also Known As
    Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

    Complete Schedule for Just for Laughs

    Sun, Nov 02 07:30AM
    Mon, Nov 03 07:30AM
    Mon, Nov 03 04:35PM
    Mon, Nov 03 05:00PM
    Tue, Nov 04 07:30AM
    Tue, Nov 04 04:35PM
    Tue, Nov 04 05:00PM
    Wed, Nov 05 07:30AM
    Wed, Nov 05 04:35PM
    Wed, Nov 05 05:00PM
    Thu, Nov 06 04:25AM
    Thu, Nov 06 06:15AM
    Thu, Nov 06 07:30AM
    Thu, Nov 06 04:35PM
    Thu, Nov 06 05:00PM
    Fri, Nov 07 07:30AM
    Fri, Nov 07 04:35PM
    Fri, Nov 07 05:00PM
    Sat, Nov 08 07:00AM
    Sat, Nov 08 07:30AM
    Sun, Nov 09 07:30AM

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