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Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya

Show Type: TV Series
Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama


    Show description

    The story is set in Allahabad where the families are quite old-fashioned. The men rule the household while the women take a backseat in everything. But the Saxenas are different. The father even goes so far as to educate his daughter Pratigya and Arushi to the same extent as his son. Pratigya is not aware that the local goon Krishna considers her his property. He ensures that Pratigya is treated with respect by one and all and bashes up anyone trying to create even the smallest problem for her. All this he does without her knowledge, confident that she would one day become his. Watch the series to find out what happens when the Saxena family decides to get the elder daughter married? Will Krishna stand back and watch the show?

    Show Details

    Pooja Gaur, Arhaan Behl, Shahab Khan, Monika Singh, Monika Singh, Ankit Gera, Avantika Hundal, Prachi Pathak, Sana Sheikh
    Directed By
    Pearl Grey
    Written By
    Pearl Grey, Shanti Bhushan, Vishal Watwani, Ahsan Bakshi
    Created By
    Spellbound Productions, Walkwater Productions

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