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Star Pravah

Pudhacha Paaul

Show Type: TV Series
Language: Marathi


    Show description

    This show is based on the saas-bahu relationship, retold through a young and naive girl Kalyani's point of view. At the same time it reflects on the differences between cousins, Kalyani and Rupali. They are both opposites of each other in every sense. If Kalyani is naïve then Rupali is outspoken and knows how to get her way. It is also the story of Rajlaxmi's search for a perfect wife for her son, Soham. On knowing about Kalyani she is convinced that she will make a perfect daughter-in-law and dutiful wife. The story marries conventional society values to modern perspective.

    Show Details

    Astad Kale, Jui Gadkari, Harshada Khanvilkar, Radhika Harshe, Pradeep Velankar, Mrunal Chandrakant, Sharmila Shinde, Suyash Tilak, Shrirang Deshmukh, Milind Safai
    Directed By
    Vaibhav Chinchalkar
    Produced By
    Iris Productions

    Complete Schedule for Pudhacha Paaul

    Mon, Sep 01 12:30AM
    Mon, Sep 01 03:00AM
    Mon, Sep 01 05:30AM
    Mon, Sep 01 09:30AM
    Mon, Sep 01 12:00PM
    Mon, Sep 01 05:00PM
    Mon, Sep 01 07:30PM
    Mon, Sep 01 11:30PM
    Tue, Sep 02 12:30AM
    Tue, Sep 02 03:00AM
    Tue, Sep 02 05:30AM
    Tue, Sep 02 09:30AM
    Tue, Sep 02 12:00PM
    Tue, Sep 02 05:00PM
    Tue, Sep 02 07:30PM
    Tue, Sep 02 11:30PM
    Wed, Sep 03 12:30AM
    Wed, Sep 03 03:00AM
    Wed, Sep 03 05:30AM
    Wed, Sep 03 09:30AM
    Wed, Sep 03 12:00PM
    Wed, Sep 03 05:00PM
    Wed, Sep 03 07:30PM
    Wed, Sep 03 11:30PM
    Thu, Sep 04 12:30AM
    Thu, Sep 04 03:00AM
    Thu, Sep 04 05:30AM
    Thu, Sep 04 09:30AM
    Thu, Sep 04 12:00PM
    Thu, Sep 04 05:00PM
    Thu, Sep 04 07:30PM
    Thu, Sep 04 11:30PM
    Fri, Sep 05 12:30AM
    Fri, Sep 05 03:00AM
    Fri, Sep 05 05:30AM
    Fri, Sep 05 09:30AM
    Fri, Sep 05 12:00PM
    Fri, Sep 05 05:00PM
    Fri, Sep 05 07:30PM
    Fri, Sep 05 11:30PM
    Sat, Sep 06 12:30AM
    Sat, Sep 06 03:00AM
    Sat, Sep 06 05:30AM
    Sat, Sep 06 09:30AM
    Sat, Sep 06 12:00PM
    Sat, Sep 06 05:00PM
    Sat, Sep 06 07:30PM
    Sat, Sep 06 11:30PM
    Sun, Sep 07 12:30AM
    Sun, Sep 07 03:00AM
    Sun, Sep 07 05:30AM
    Sun, Sep 07 09:30AM

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