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Ruk Jana Nahi

Show Type: TV Series
Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama


    Show description

    'Ruk Jana Nahi...' is the story of Sanchi's life that any woman would relate to as it showcases the real-world issues faced by women in a man's world on a day-to-day basis.Sanchi, is a vulnerable girl who has led a sheltered life. She shifts with her family to the city of Varanasi and begins to pursue her college education. Once she steps out of the security of her home, she realizes that she can't always win through confrontation in the male-dominated society. She decides to own every heart and rule every mind with her intelligence and presence of mind.What makes Sanchi different from any other protagonist on television is that she does not confront and fight, she does not protest or walk away. She faces the challenges and changes decisions and attitudes of one and all with her intelligent approach. A never-before-seen character on Indian television, Sanchi is an ordinary girl from your neighborhood who emerges as a beacon of hope as she navigates her way through the world in a quest to fend for herselfand her family.

    Show Details

    Pooja Sharma, Arun Bakshi, Sachal Tyagi, Zubin Dutt, Paritosh Sand
    Directed By
    Santram Verma
    Written By
    Kamal Pandey
    Produced By
    Kamal Pandey

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