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Jaya Tv

Sonnathu Nee Thane

Show Type: TV Series
Language: Tamil
Genre: Drama

    Show description

    Sonnathu Neethanae is the story of Pradeep and Mona, a young couple living in bustling Mumbai with their three young children. Through their twelve rich, solid years of marriage, they have experienced several highs and low. Pradeep steps out of his father's shadow and embarks upon an independent life; he buys a home in the city, and toils long hours at an unfulfilling job to pay the mortgage. Mona manages the affairs of the home efficiently, and caters to the children with love, care and attention. Between the responsibilities of the workplace and home, Pradeep and Mona try to find time for each other, but Mona's mounting attention towards the care and need of her children leaves Pradeep feeling neglected, and eventually a deep wedge develops between then. Pradeep gets into an illicit affair with Anushka his college sweetheart, who once again enters into his life as his boss. Anuksha, who had previously rejected Pradeep's marriage proposal many years ago in order to pursue her career, this time around, does not leave any stone unturned to win back his affection. Pradeep falls prey to Anushka's charm; he leaves his wife, children, home, and files for divorce. Mona is left shattered by her husband's action, after 12 years of being a homemaker; she embarks upon a journey to forge an identity beyond that of a wife and mother

    Show Details

    Mona Singh, Sargun Mehta, Mauli Ganguly, Neelam Sivia, Siddhi´╗┐ Karwa, Yatin Mehta, Apara Mehta
    Directed By
    Partho Mitra
    Written By
    Sonali Jaffar
    Ekta Kapoor
    Music By
    Lalit Sen, Lenin Nandi, Hriju Roy

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