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Etv 2


Show Type: TV Series
Language: Telugu
Genre: Health/Fitness

    Show description

    Ensuing- the philanthropic vision of the awareness of health among people and bringing the best of the medical council into their rooms, this program is largely targeted to the people living in semi urban and rural areas, mostly women. According the style of presentation calls for demystifying health and elimination of consumerist hype, confusion and misconception that surround health issues. Good health isn~t just absence of disease. It is a state of mental, social and physical fitness and well being, and it is strongly influenced but lifestyle and attitude. By making an effort to become fit and stay fit and by following a healthy lifestyle, any one can prolong and improve the quality of life.

    Complete Schedule for Sukhibhava

    Sat, Sep 20 03:30PM
    Sun, Sep 21 02:30AM
    Sun, Sep 21 09:30AM
    Sun, Sep 21 03:30PM
    Mon, Sep 22 03:30AM
    Mon, Sep 22 03:30PM
    Tue, Sep 23 02:30AM
    Tue, Sep 23 09:30AM
    Tue, Sep 23 03:30PM
    Wed, Sep 24 02:30AM
    Wed, Sep 24 09:30AM
    Wed, Sep 24 03:30PM
    Thu, Sep 25 02:30AM
    Thu, Sep 25 09:30AM
    Thu, Sep 25 03:30PM
    Fri, Sep 26 02:30AM
    Fri, Sep 26 09:30AM
    Fri, Sep 26 03:30PM
    Sat, Sep 27 02:30AM
    Sat, Sep 27 03:30PM
    Sun, Sep 28 02:30AM
    Sun, Sep 28 09:30AM
    Sun, Sep 28 03:30PM

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