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Show Type: TV Series
Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama


    Show description

    Uttaran is the story of a girl named 'Ichcha' who is born in the slums of Mumbai and desires much more than what her destiny has in store for her. Ichcha has big dreams and aspirations, to fulfil these and to provide her with a better livelihood her mother takes up a job of housemaid at a rich household. Soon Ichcha gets attached to the house and befriends Tapasya, who takes an instant liking to Ichcha and they become good friends. However soon, she becomes mindful of her stature and reputation; she abandons her friendship with Ichcha much to Ichcha's surprise. Tapasya starts treating Ichcha like a servant, because she is a daughter of a maid. Reality then dawns upon Ichcha which makes her question her fate and she discovers that her fate is of a servant, no matter what she does, she can never break away from it. Although, destiny has something else in store for Ichcha. What does destiny have in store for Ichcha? Will she be deprived of the happiness that she deserves just because she is a daughter of a servant? Will her dreams ever be fulfilled? Will Ichcha again accept her fate and live like a servant for the rest of her life?

    Show Details

    Tina Dutta, Sreejita De, Ajay Singh Chaudhary, Mrunal Jain, Sahil Phull, Vaishali Thakkar, Ayub Khan, Pyumori Mehta, Pratima Kazmi
    Directed By
    Nandita Mehra
    Written By
    Produced By
    Pintoo Guha, Rupali Guha
    Release Date
    1 December 2008

    Complete Schedule for Uttaran

    Mon, Dec 22 11:00PM
    Tue, Dec 23 10:30PM
    Wed, Dec 24 10:30PM
    Thu, Dec 25 10:30PM
    Fri, Dec 26 10:30PM

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