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Sat, Dec 9

2:05 AM - 3:45 AM

Movies Now

10,000 BC

Show Type: Movie
Language: English
Genre: History,Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Show description

The film is set during prehistoric times. D’Leh (Steven Strait) is a mammoth hunter. He is in love with the beautiful Evolet (Camilla Belle). A band of mysterious horse-riders raid their camp and kidnap Evolet along with many others. Now it is up to D’Leh and his group of hunters to pursue them to the end of the earth - into unknown territory - to save them all. On their way, they are forced to face sabre-toothed tigers and terror birds. Will they survive the...Read More

Show Details

Release Date
7 March 2008 (India)
IMDB Rating
The most difficult challenge for the visual effects department was creating a computer generated wet saber-tooth tiger since it required several of the most challenging elements of visual effects to be combined; fur, wet fur, water and creature animation. The tiger was created by the Double Negative visual effects company.
Steven Strait, Camilla Belle, Cliff Curtis, Joel Virgel, Affif Ben Badra
Roland Emmerich
Roland Emmerich, Michael Wimer, Mark Gordon
Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser
Music Director
Harald Kloser, Thomas Wanker

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