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Sun, Sep 17

12:33 AM - 2:28 AM


21 Jump Street

Show Type: Movie
Language: English
Genre: Comedy,Crime/Mystery

Show description

Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum) are former classmates who meet again at police academy. Schmidt was a chubby nerd obsessed with Eminem while Jenko was an underachieving jock. They end up becoming best friends at the academy as they help with each other’s weaknesses, with Schmidt helping Jenko study and Jenko motivating Schmidt through physical activity. They graduate together as partners, but are assigned to park patrol. They catch a bre...Read More

Show Details

Release Date
16 March 2012 (USA)
IMDB Rating
Also Known As
Comando especial
Jennifer Lawrence, Juno Temple, Julianne Hough and Gemma Ward auditioned for a role.
Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle, DeRay Davis, Ice Cube
Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Stephen J. Cannell, Neal H. Moritz
Michael Bacall
Music Director
Mark Mothersbaugh

Complete Schedule for 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street 6:00 AM - 7:37 AM

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