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Tue, Mar 21

6:58 PM - 8:59 PM

Star Movies

Anaconda 3: Offspring

Show Type: Movie
Language: English
Genre: Action/Adventure,Horror

Show description

Tycoon Peter Murdoch’s (John Rhys-Davies) secret lab comes up with a blood orchid extract cure. To verify the effect, they also breed anacondas. The original pair of anacondas escape, killing people all over the place. Murdoch runs away, leaving instructions with his staff to clean up. But the snakes are on a rampage that even big game hunter Hammett (David Hasselhoff) is unable to stop. The pregnant anaconda sheds its skin and the trackers are unable to follow it ...Read More

Show Details

Release Date
26 July 2008 (USA)
IMDB Rating
Preceded By
Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004)
Followed By
Anacondas: Trail of Blood (2009)
Shot Back-to-Back with ‘Anaconda 4: Trail of Blood’.
David Hasselhoff, Crystal Allen, John Rhys-Davies, Patrick Regis, Anthony Green
Don E. FauntLeRoy
Alison Semenza
Nicholas Davidoff, David C. Olson
Music Director
Peter Meisner

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