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Thu, Sep 14

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Anthu Inthu Preethi Banthu

Show Type: Movie
Language: Kannada
Genre: Romance

Show description

Shivu (Aditya Babu) handles the software for the computers in the company he works for. Till meeting Preethi (Ramya), Shivu had been quite laidback in his job. But when she joins as his team leader, he seems charged and does his work much better than before. Believing that she must also like him, Shivu declares his love for Preethi, only to be insulted. Things get worse when Shivu?s father dies and he slides into a depression. His friend Harish Raj insists that Shivu att...Read More

Show Details

Release Date
16 August 2008
Aditya Babu, Ramya, Divya, Loknath, Rangayam Raghu
Veera Shanker
Aditya Babu
Music Director

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