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Sat, Dec 9

6:00 AM - 7:43 AM



Show Type: Movie
Language: English
Genre: Action/Adventure,Drama

Show description

A baby cheetah is orphaned when its mother is killed. Xan (Alexander Michaletos) and his father adopt the animal and call it Duma. But very soon, Duma grows into a fullf-fledged cheetah and Xan’s father says that it needs to be taken back to the jungle. But before he could match action to words, the father dies. Now it is up to 12-year-old Xan to take the cheetah back to its habitat despite a number of odds in their favour.

Show Details

Release Date
27 May 2005 (UK)
IMDB Rating
Also Known As
How It Was with Dooms (USA)
The insect swarm in the film was said to be made up of the Tsetse fly species. In fact, tsetse flies don’t swarm.
Alexander Michaletos, Eamonn Walker, Campbell Scott, Hope Davis, Mary Makhatho
Carroll Ballard
Stacy Cohen, E.K. Gaylord II, Kristin Harms
Karen Janszen, Mark St. Germain
Music Director
George Acogny, John Debney

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