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Sat, Jan 13

8:00 PM - 10:53 PM

Zee Action

Jackson The Paying Guest

Show Type: Movie
Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama

Show description

An S.I. Sathya is sent to Aynpuram, a village in which a large bungalow from British times is claimed to be haunted by a ghost called Jackson according to the villagers. His mission is to prove that there are no ghosts in the village. Will he succeed in proving it or not...

Show Details

Release Date
1 July, 2016
Also Known As
Jackson Durai (Tamil)
Sathyaraj, Sibiraj, Bindu Madhavi, Karunakaran, Rajendran
Dharani Dharan
M. S. Sharavanan
Dharani Dharan
Music Director
Siddharth Vipin

Complete Schedule for Jackson The Paying Guest

Jackson The Paying Guest 5:00 PM - 7:41 PM

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