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Sun, Mar 26

5:05 AM - 7:25 AM

Star Gold


Show Type: Movie
Language: Hindi
Genre: Action/Adventure,Suspense/Thriller

Show description

Wildlife researcher (John Abraham) and his photographer friend (Esha Deol) venture into the Jim Corbett National Park to work on a project. Along side a group of tourists (including Vivek Oberoi and Lara Dutta) land in the national park for some adventure. But one afternoon strange things begin to happen in the park and members of the group start disappearing. It seems that there is some supernatural force, partly beast and partly ghost, is behind the events. It is then ...Read More

Show Details

Release Date
29 April 2005 (India)
IMDB Rating
Nominated For
Filmfare Award in 2006 for Best Actor in a Villainous Role: Ajay Devgan
Also Known As
Kalank (India: Hindi title)
John Abraham, Ajay Devgan, Esha Deol, Vivek Oberoi, Lara Dutta
Soham Shah
Shahrukh Khan
Soham Shah
Music Director

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