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Mon, Oct 16

2:03 AM - 4:07 AM

Star Movies

Last Action Hero

Show Type: Movie
Language: English
Genre: Action/Adventure,Comedy

Show description

Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is the reel life action hero. Young Danny Madigan (Austin O’Brien) is a big fan of Jack. He sees all the movies of Jack. One day Jack’s best friend Nick, who is a projectionist, gives him a ticket to the new Jack Slater film. It is not an ordinary ticket, but a magic one. It carries Danny himself to the world of Slater. There he meets Slater and many other characters. When Slater’s enemy Benedict the hit man learns th...Read More

Show Details

Release Date
18 June 1993 (USA)
IMDB Rating
Also Known As
Extremely Violent (USA)
The movie that’s playing on the TV monitor in the video store is Thunderheart (1992).
Arnold Schwarzenegger, F. Murray Abraham, Austin O’Brien, Art Carney, Charles Dance
John McTiernan
John McTiernan
Shane Black, David Arnott
Music Director
Michael Kamen

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