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Tue, Mar 21

6:00 AM - 7:34 AM



Show Type: Movie
Language: English
Genre: Drama,Sports

Show description

Cal Chetley is a nerdy high school student growing up in small town Oklahama.He lives with his mother and has an elder brother who was a wrestling champion but is now estranged from home. Their father died ten years ago and was a college wrestling legend. Cal is trying to get back in touch with his brother and the only way he thinks he can do it is join the wrestling team and take coaching from his brother Mike. Cal’s mother is against this but a quirky neighbor- L...Read More

Show Details

Release Date
9 September 2010 (Kuwait)
IMDB Rating
In the USA, there was a mere 18 days between the theatrical and home video releases. This is possibly a record for the shortest amount of time it has ever taken for any film to go from the cinema to home video in North America. On September 10, 2010 the movie was released in a limited capacity theatrically, and it was released on September 28, 2010 on DVD (sold exclusively at Walmart) and Blu-Ray (sold exclusively at Best Buy). The DVD and Blu-ray were later released to all national retailers on December 28, 2010.
Devon Graye, John Cena, Patricia Clarkson, Danny Glover, Madeleine Martin, Tyler Posey
Mel Damski
Michael Pavone, David Calloway
John Posey
Music Director
James A. Johnston

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