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Sun, Aug 13

3:50 AM - 5:15 AM



Show Type: Movie
Language: English
Genre: Comedy,Family

Show description

This comedy is all about Marmaduke (voice by Owen Wilson), a Great Dane that belongs to a suburban family. The family decides to shift to a new area in Orange County, California. Marmaduke also makes the shift with them. The large dog tends to wreak havoc without meaning to. The move into the new neighbourhood means a lot of adjustment to Marmaduke. He needs to make friends with new faces while there is just a small chance that he might find romance in this area.

Show Details

Release Date
4 June 2010 (USA)
IMDB Rating
In the original comics, Marmaduke never talked.
Owen Wilson, Emma Stone, Lee Pace, Keifer Sutherland, Steve Coogan
Tom Dey
John Davis, Tom Dey
Tim Rasmussen, Vince Di Meglio
Music Director
Christopher Lennertz

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