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Wed, Nov 15

4:09 PM - 5:42 PM


New Fist of Fury

Show Type: Movie
Language: English
Genre: Action/Adventure

Show description

A Lung’s (Jackie Chan) grandfather runs a martial arts school in Taiwan. The Japanese attack Taiwan while the Japanese martial arts teacher has plans to take over all the martial arts schools in Taiwan under his wing. A Lung is a thief and has no interest in martial arts to begin with. But soon he finds his calling as the new leader of Taiwan rebels who take a stand against Japanese oppression and also manages to avenge his grandfather’s death.

Show Details

Release Date
8 July 1976 (Hong Kong)
IMDB Rating
Also Known As
Xin jing wu men
Preceded By
Fist of Fury (1972)
Jackie Chan, Han Ying Chieh, Nora Miao, Tong Yim-Chan, Shen Lin Chang
Lo Wei
Li Hwa Hsu
Lo Wei, Lei Pan
Music Director
Yung-Yu Chen

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