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Wed, Mar 22

9:57 AM - 11:10 AM


Ocean’s Thirteen

Show Type: Movie
Language: English
Genre: Comedy,Crime/Mystery

Show description

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon team up yet again with director Steven Soderbergh for another split-second caper. Danny Ocean and the gang have only one reason to pull off their most ambitious and riskiest casino heist - to defend one of their own. But they’r going to need more than luck on their side to break the ruthless Willy Bank and his casino. The plan is elaborate, dangerous and near impossible but there are no limits when it comes to one of their own....Read More

Show Details

Release Date
8 June 2007 (USA)
IMDB Rating
Also Known As
Danny Ocean 13 Canada (French title)
Preceded By
Ocean’s Twelve
Danny tells Willie Bank (Al Pacino), "What I want, what’s most important to me...? This was the same dialog Pacino used when speaking with Virgil "The Turk" Sollozzo in The Godfather (1972).
Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Michael Mantell, Elliott Gould, Ray Xifo
Steven Soderbergh
Jerry Weintraub
Brian Koppelman, David Levien
Music Director
David Holmes

Complete Schedule for Ocean’s Thirteen

Ocean’s Thirteen 10:51 PM - 1:04 AM

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