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Sun, Jan 14

9:07 AM - 10:28 AM


Problem Child

Show Type: Movie
Language: English
Genre: Comedy

Show description

Ben (John Ritter) wants to have a son but his wife Flo (Amy Yasbeck) is unable to have any. They decide to adopt and land up with Junior (Michael Oliver). The seven-year-old boy is absolutely troublesome and the couple begin to wonder whether they have done the correct thing. Will the family learn to adjust to live together?

Show Details

Release Date
27 July 1990 (USA)
IMDB Rating
Followed By
Problem Child 2 (1991), Problem Child 3 (1995)
The poster for the movie was a spoof of the poster for Parenthood (1989). Imagine Entertainment produced both films.
John Ritter, Jack Warden, Michael Oliver, Gilbert Gottfried, Amy Yasbeck
Dennis Dugan
Robert Simonds
Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewski
Music Director
Miles Goodman

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