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Tue, Jul 18

12:00 AM - 3:30 AM

Jaya Tv

Pudhiya Bhoomi

Show Type: Movie
Language: Tamil
Genre: Drama

Show description

A successful surgeon Kadheeravan (MGR) is kidnapped one day by henchmen of dreaded dacoit Kanakeyam (Nambiar), and led to a secret location to treat their ailing boss. After fixing up the patient, Kadheeravan escapes, but crashes his car and ends up unconscious in a remote village. He is nursed back to life by Kanamma (Jaya), who he eventually falls in love with, and moves to the village permanently for. Neither of them know that Kanamma is the dacoit’s daughter......Read More

Show Details

Release Date
21 October 1968
Also Known As
The New Earth
Remake of Sawan Ki Ghata (1966)
M.G. Ramachandran, Jayalalitha J, M.N. Nambiar, S.A. Ashokan, T.S. Muthaiah
Tapi Chanakya

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